About Us

Are you ready to invest in one of the best real estate opportunities in the United States ever?


MOJO Detroit Properties is your guide to make investing in Detroit a positive and rewarding experience.


We have refined the complicated and difficult process of investing in the “new” Detroit, a fast growing city that can be hard to navigate. We offer investors a reliable strategy based on collaboration with local real estate professionals and unique visionary insight into the city’s evolution.


MOJO provides real estate consulting and services to investors who are looking for opportunities that bring both short-term returns and long-term wealth. Whether it’s one or multiple residential properties, commercial or industrial buildings, we will serve your interests as if our own. Our knowledge, expertise and customized services will help you make smarter investments and grow your wealth more strategically.


Together with a full array of services, including property identification and acquisition, rehab and renovation, as well as property and asset management, MOJO will get you what you need, all within your investment specifications. We will work with you to provide perspective and insight about market direction and developments to keep you informed and ahead of the trends.

With over 30 years of real estate development, brokerage and consulting experience, MOJO associates consistently put clients first and pride themselves on guidance, follow-through, communication and care.


Let us guide you from experience and a history of success in Detroit. Contact MOJO today.

What We Do

Property Selection and Negotiation

Identifying and selecting the right property and negotiating the right price will ensure the deal meets your specific investment needs.

Settlement Coordination

Coordination of the settlement process is handled with meticulous care.

Rehab Coordination and Oversight

Diligent coordination and oversight of the rehab ensures the job is done right.

Tenant Identification

Identification and qualification of tenants is essential to assure optimal performance of the investment.

Management and Account Status

Provide leads to diligent and reliable property managers

Investor Insurance Referral

Referral to national carrier to insure your investment property

Meet our Team

Joe Samaha

Joe Samaha has been working in real estate investing for 30 years. His market insight, planning and networking skills/expertise led him from working as a top-producing commercial Realtor in the Washington DC area, to the regional top 5 at Coldwell Banker Commercial. He established his own brokerage and investment firm, MVP Real Estate LLC, in 2004 and has been building his firm while collaborating with developers, builders, commercial clients and investors. In 2013, Joe took his experience to Detroit. While many had a negative perception of this major US city, Joe not only saw promise and opportunity to contribute to Detroit’s renaissance but an opportunity for his investors as well.


Joe’s résumé and accomplishments extend beyond real estate and into philanthropy, government networking, and politics. Such a diversity of skills and experiences sets him apart when it comes to Detroit investments. In March 2009, Joe was elected President and Chairman of the Board of VTV Family Outreach Foundation, which was formed by family members of the victims and survivors of the Virginia Tech tragedy of April 16, 2007. Today, VTV has become the nation’s leading advocacy group for schools and higher education safety. With nationally recognized education programs in place to assist schools, and colleges, we enhance their awareness of best practices. VTV implements cutting edge pro-social culture change in K-12 schools through a newly developed training curriculum for school resource officers, school administrators and counselors.


Joe brings his experience, knowledge and skills to MOJO, where he works collaboratively with the City of Detroit Mayor’s office, various charities, community leaders and investors to assist in refugee resettlement and integration for a better and more peaceful life that we all seek. When you work with MOJO Detroit Properties, 5% of all proceeds will go to charity to assist in this important effort.


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