M-1 RAIL will transform Detroit

M-1 RAIL will transform Detroit

M-1 RAIL: Moving Forward Together from M-1 Rail on Vimeo.

The M-1 RAIL Woodward Avenue Streetcar project is envisioned to be one element of a future modern, world-class regional transit system where all forms of transportation, including rail, bus, vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian, are considered and utilized to build a vibrant, walkable region that includes a thriving Downtown Detroit. This city center is envisioned by supporters of M-1 RAIL to become a foundation for growth and prosperity throughout the surrounding neighborhoods adjacent to the Central Business District, Midtown, New Center and North End.

This 3.3-mile modern streetcar, which will include 20 stations serving 12 locations, is a catalyst for investment, economic development and urban renewal that positively impacts the entire region. The street car circulator system will run along and connect Woodward Avenue from the Riverfront to the New Center and North End neighborhoods. M-1 RAIL is an unprecedented public-private partnership and model for regional collaboration. This is the first major transit project being led and funded by both private businesses, philanthropic organizations, in partnership with local government, the State of Michigan, and U.S. Department of Transportation.

See more about Detroit’s transformative rail project at M-1RAIL.com


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